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Great strategy doesn't follow the crowd


What You Need

The world has changed. Don't get left behind.

Digital Marketing, PR, Issue Management, IT Systems, Policy, Branding, Email, SEO, Social Media, Communications, and more are all new or changing factors in today's world.

We've been there.


Our only goal is to help you succeed, no matter what it takes.

Who We Are

Rogue Consulting isn't your typical agency.


We're a team of seasoned consultants with decades of senior leadership experience in both the public and private sectors.


Our unique perspective gives our clients a major advantage when it comes to spotting and seizing new opportunities - without relying on the same tired old playbook that everyone else is using.

If you're tired of playing it safe, unleash your inner rebel with Rogue Consulting

What We Do

Built Annual Revenue from $1.2MM to $25MM in 10 months

Worked closely with senior government officials on dozens of successful campaigns.

Added 100,000 social followers in one year


Scaled cross-functional teams from 7 to 70 in 9 months

And we can do this for you.

Meet The Team



Principal Consultant

Wade MacCallum

Wade has extensive executive experience leading Operations and Marketing across varied private industries covering everything from Software/SaaS to Finance and Hospitality. Although he built his experience abroad it's in Nova Scotia he is proud to bring his experience in traditional and technical process improvements to companies in high growth or active change environments.

Wade has a passion for change management and has worked closely over the past six years with companies and founders either needing to scale, or to make and implement critical and often challenging  decisions.  In addition has repeatedly worked with organizations across Canada and the US thus providing an international viewpoint to current business issues. 

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Junior Consultant: Web Services Specialist

Brandon Roy

Brandon recently graduated from NSCC IT Web Programming and it doesn't take long to realize Brandon’s adaptability and eagerness to learn.  A self proclaimed IT jack of all trades, Brandon is equipped with foundational knowledge and experience in quite a few fields.  He quickly converted his final work term with Rogue as his first official IT related role.


A Notable achievement includes the development of a mobile application designed to combat human trafficking and domestic violence by providing users with a safe and reliable way to share their location and record evidence in real-time.

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Principal Consultant

Dylan Blain

Dylan has held various senior roles working with government executives in Ontario and Nova Scotia over the past two decades.  Specializing in Issues Management, Public Relations and Strategic Communications, he has experience in supporting Premier’s, Political Party Leaders and various Cabinet Ministers.  His previous work on Health, Education, Public Safety and Labour portfolios provides a broad understanding of Canadian public policy.  


Constantly pursuing opportunities to promote local organizations, businesses and community leaders while focusing on brand development and communications delivery for private sector clients in the cannabis, climate change and non-profit sector.

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Design Consultant

Chhabi Parmar

Chhabi graduated from NSCAD University in 2020 with a Masters in Interdisciplinary Design. Her design career spans over 4+ years in various industries including (but not limited to) Fashion, Advertising, Digital Publication, Sports, Casino and now Politics! 


She is passionate about designing custom websites that engage users and deliver exceptional results. Her area of expertise lies in User Experience Design, Responsive Design, and Graphic Design.

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Our Network

Success doesn't happen in a vacuum. 

Over the years, we have developed a network of trusted world class experts with decades of experience in: Copywriting, Translations services, Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Media Relations, Issues Management, Strategic Communications Development & Support, Stakeholder relations, Website Design, eCommerce, Niche Digital Marketing, and Graphic and Video Design.


Some of our Clients...

IT pilots logo.png

Their Words, Not Ours

Their cutting-edge technology gave us tools to reach a wider audience and their user-friendly process made it easy to track our progress every step of the way. The Rogue team made the process of promoting our political campaigns both enjoyable and efficient. I would highly recommend Rogue Consulting to any political campaign looking to elevate their digital marketing strategy to the next level.


Alxys Chamberlain

Executive Director of The Nova Scotia Liberal Party

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