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Great strategy doesn't follow the crowd


What You Need

The world has changed. Don't get left behind.

Digital Marketing, PR, Issue Management, IT Systems, Policy, Branding, Email, SEO, Social Media, Communications, and more are all new or changing factors in today's world.

We've been there.


Our only goal is to help you succeed, no matter what it takes.

Who We Are

Rogue Consulting isn't your typical agency.


We're a team of seasoned consultants with decades of senior leadership experience in both the public and private sectors.


Our unique perspective gives our clients a major advantage when it comes to spotting and seizing new opportunities - without relying on the same tired old playbook that everyone else is using.

If you're tired of playing it safe, unleash your inner rebel with Rogue Consulting

What We Do

Built Annual Revenue from $1.2MM to $25MM in 10 months

Worked closely with senior government officials on dozens of successful campaigns.

Added 100,000 social followers in one year


Scaled cross-functional teams from 7 to 70 in 9 months

And we can do this for you.

Meet The Team

Our Network

Success doesn't happen in a vacuum and we have built, and sometimes rely on, a network of trusted, local Nova Scotia as well as world class experts developed over decades of experience as required in: Copywriting, Translations services, Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Media Relations, Issues Management, Strategic Communications Development & Support, Stakeholder relations, Website Design, eCommerce, Niche Digital Marketing, and Graphic and Video Design.


Our Clients


Their Words, Not Ours

"Wade has the remarkable strategic ability to see the patterns that happen in the market. To intuitively understand what people want, and how to reach them effectively. 

He is one of the few people I met who get it: you can't do the same things as others and expect a better outcome than everyone else. Wade uses these insights in ways that enable him to envision and implement the best way to motivate people to buy, and his teams to action.

It's been a pleasure working with Wade and I count him among my dearest friends."

Tom Feltenstein

ex-CMO McDonald's Corp.
Author of Uncommon Wisdom
As seen on Larry King and David Letterman

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